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Dreamland Champs Elyses Street, 6th of October City, Egypt



Dream Ideal Education School offers a structured and coordinated programme in a positive and success-oriented climate where student-teacher relationships form the core of the learning process. Students are taught about the nature of their challenges and introduced to compensatory skills, and strategies. These are taught and reinforced across the curriculum so that students can become independent and self-sufficient learners eventually showing less dependency on additional teacher support. As students experience increased academic success, they become more confident learners, willing to take academic risks, and accomplish more challenging tasks. Our programme is designed to address learning challenges by utilizing a specialized instructional methodology that includes:

•Preparing students for mainstream educational settings -  this transition and full inclusion is a primary goal of our programme. Our students have increased opportunities for academic mainstreaming as they progress through the grade levels.

•Social values such as respect, responsibility, cooperation, and self-advocacy are important vehicles in helping our students compensate for their learning challenges.

•Involving parents in their child’s learning process is a key element at Dream Ideal Education School. Parent communication, support, and collaboration are crucial parts of facilitating the child’s success in school.